Classes for Children

Denise offers a pre-grade tap class for young students aged 6-8 years.  These classes are the ideal way to start tap dancing and get a taste for what it is all about.

We offer beginner classes in NZAMD original syllabus work and NZAMD American grade 3 tap is also available for students who wish to add a regular exam class to their repertoire and would like to try the American style syllabus.   The syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton Los Angeles, is modern and fun and an excellent way to kick up those tap shoes. Classes are best suited to tap dancers with a minimum of two years experience, aged  8-11 years.

Exam sessions are typically in early November. You may also choose to perform your exam dance in local competitions (not a requirement, just an opportunity).


Competition Tap Lessons

These lessons will be either with Denise or Lara. Positions are by invitation only. Lessons are typically 30 minutes long and dancers learn solo work for local competitions. Generally, a dancer begins with a tap solo, then a song and dance solo and can work through a variety of dance styles as they grow and develop their repertoire. Some at home practise is required, as the lessons are ‘one on one’ and a high level of motivation and passion helps an individual dancer flourish and improve their skills. It is also best if the primary support parent is present at the lessons. Costumes are required for competitions. A variety of options are available including second-hand costumes through my parent list, Weissman online costumes and custom-made costumes by Christine Wedlake or your own dress maker.



Each year competition students also sit an NZAMD examination. We teach NZAMD Original Tap pre-primary to Advanced and Solo Seal and for more advanced students American 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

We offer a pre-grade and then NZAMD grades 1-9 Original and American 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Solo Diploma.


Adult Tap

Our current adult tap group are of an Intermediate standard, so some basic tap experience is required to join this group. For example, you can do a Slap 1-2 and you can shuffle! Our group are a mixture of ages and backgrounds and the emphasis is on fun and enjoying developing your tap skill and fitness in a relaxed class. Some on stage performance opportunities are encouraged, but not essential.