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Frequently Asked Questions
What costs are associated with a Musical Theatre class?
  • A blue T-shirt is needed for all performances, these cost approx. $23, together with
  • Black leggings or trousers for boys.
  • Any other props or costumes will be provided or easily sourced from home.
  • Students also need to bring a clear folder with them for the learning material and a USB for the music.
What is required to learn private tap?

A strong commitment from Mum or Dad.  Tap shoes are required. These can be purchased through the studio (second-hand ones) or various on-line sites.   A parent must attend private lessons up to the age of 12 years. This is not a drop off, pick up environment. A strong desire to practise at home.   Parents must be prepared to enter competitions and provide their son or daughter with costumes. Costumes can be easily sourced through my studio, by way of second-hand costumes.  Costumes can be purchased for a reasonable price via the Weissman website, or other on-line sites that sell costumes. Alternatively, I provide my students with a dress maker who makes custom made costumes, including waltz and Latin dresses.  (See link to Christine Wedlake).

What is involved in adult tap?

In our new beginner adult tap, no experience is required, but you do need tap shoes. A number of second hand tap shoes are for sale at our Waverley Studio.

What is involved with Tap Exam Classes?

We offer pre-grade tap, grade one and two original tap, and American grade 3, along side this is our tap extension on a Wednesday night for American 6.  And our American 6 and original 5 teenagers and young adult Saturday tap class.

Children learn the NZAMD syllabus all year and sit their exam generally in early November, but some sessions may be sat in late June too.  Exam entry fees are additional to the term fee.

What performance opportunities do Musical Theatre Students get?

We generally perform three times a year, usually one competition entertainment class and two concerts during the year.

Can I stay and watch the class?

You are encouraged to watch all our classes, although Musical Theatre classes are so full, space is limited.   We do ask that you do not bring young toddlers with you to class, refrain from talking during the class to other parents and have your cell phone switched to silent.  We do ask that (usually Mum) is present during all private lessons for children under the age of 12.

What is Adult tap?

Adult tap is for adults of any age who have some basic tap skill, i.e. you can Slap and Shuffle, and you want to join a fun, energetic, social tap class.  Performance opportunities are available here too, however the class has a focus on fun and social enjoyment tap. This class is not suitable for people who have never had a pair of tap shoes on their feet, but it is also not an advanced class.


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