Denise Henderson
Information for competition students entering competitions
  • Private lessons are for students who plan to regularly enter competitions as a solo competitor.  A degree of commitment to enter competitions  is expected.
  •  DTDS put out entries via email, usually a few weeks before the entries are due in, please take note of the entry closing date and this will be strictly enforced.  Entry is an online form you fill in, it is simple to use, but do check your totals, as on occasion, the jot can get totals wrong. You need to pay at the time you enter. 
  • If you are only entering to compete in one section, the entry admin fee is cheaper.
  • What is a novice:  A novice section is open to dancers who have not had a first place in that style of dance.  Once you win, you become ‘restricted’, often novice and restricted classes are combined, so effectively, your dancer can compete in this section until they win twice.
  • Once you have won both Novice and restricted, you move into the ‘achievers’ category for that dance style.   Your child can essentially dance in achievers forever, however I do encourage students who have won in this category for a year, to move on up into open grade for that dance style.   
  • What happens when you learn a different dance style?   If you have won novice and or restricted in a tap solo, for example, and now you are leaning a new style, i.e. speed or song and dance, they you may enter that new style again as novice.
  • If I win a novice and restricted tap solo, can the dancer go back to being a novice if they get a new dance in that style?  No.  Once they win Novice and restricted for that dance style, they can never go back to a novice and or restricted again.
  • Restricted Championships:  When your dancer wins a tap solo novice, they should now additionally be entering a Restricted Championship class.  Once they win a Restricted Championship, they move up to an Achievers Championship for their age group. Now the rules state, in Dunedin, that you can stay doing Achievers Championships forever, but I would expect in 2020, to see some alteration to this rule.  You must win a Restricted Championship before you enter an Achievers Championship.
  • What dance do I perform in a championship class?  At present the rules state that you can perform your tap solo or set champ dance in a Restricted or Achievers Championship, however in an open champ you must have the set 2 speed champ dance (under 12 years) and 3 speed champ 12 years and over. We may see some changes to this rule in 2020.
  • Open sections:   Once your dancer wins a novice, restricted class, has moved into an achiever’s class and has won achievers multiple times, Denise will usually recommend a time to move up to the open section, for that style.
  • Can you enter dances as a late entry?  Yes, if you have entered other dances, you can enter an additional entry late.
  • Private students are expected to enter competitions, this is not always possible, but a consistent effort to enter competitions is expected if you are taking private classes.
  • Etiquette:  Good etiquette is expected at competitions, curtsy when you receive a trophy on stage and thank the adjudicator or committee member, smile and look pleased to be the winner.  Congratulate others when they win and be a good sport and team member at the competitions. Being supportive of others, encouraging and showing a team focus is also expected from mums and supporters.
  • Entering duos:  One person from the duo pair needs to enter and pay for the duo, communicate with your partner, who is doing this, and it’s a good idea to have turn about from comp to comp in terms of doing this and paying for the duo.
  • Tap Troupes:  Are open to all competition students.  Denise enters these, and if you are in a tap team you are expected to perform at the comps, regardless if you are dancing at them as an individual.
  • Be on time:  You are expected to be at the competitions, ready to dance 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.   Being late could cause you to be scratched from the class.
  • Let some one know if you are not going to perform in a section, so the organisers can scratch you.
  • Cup engraving:   Mr Minit in the Meridian offers a special price on cup engraving for all tap dancers.  Take your cups to him for a cost of $6 per cup or trophy and use the reference “Tap” when you take them in.