Highlights Opening Tonight Wishing all our students "Break a Leg"
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Highlights opens at the Regent TONIGHT Get your tickets!  Wishing all my students the very best of luck for a wonderful show and season.   All the best to Doug, Emma, Michael and all the team.

Good luck to:

Soloist:  Lara Davidson

Adult Ensemble:  Temple Flaws, Summer Johnson, Jessica Mulholland, Sophie Whibley and past students Destiny Carvell, Nicole Jenkins and Toni Thomas.

All stars troupe:  Sophie Wagner, Stasa Tucker, Hannah Geary, Lucia, Taj, and Imogen Morey, Isla Kamo, Poppy Hussey, Charlie McDonald, Ada Silva.

Youth Ensemble:  Amber Dawson, Charlotte Henderson, Imogen Harrison, Ella Sutton, Isabella Arnold, Laura Mulholland, Emma Maley, Mikayla Lindsay, Jamie Hannagain, Jasmine Ho and Gabrielle Chisholm.

And a very special shout out to my husband Murray.  “With a little bit of Luck” it will be an amazing opening night and season.