Denise Henderson

Musical Theatre Classes

The studio offers three types of musical theatre classes, the first is tots aged 5-7 years who love to sing and dance and would love to work in a group and perform on stage.  Some degree of independent confidence is expected.  Our next classes are for students who quite simply have a passion for singing, dancing or acting, or all three. No previous training is required, just a desire to have fun and join in with a large group of like-minded children aged 8 – 11 years.  We offer two classes on Tuesday’s and Thursdays.  Our Monday classes are for older children, 6.30 pm for students aged 11-14 years and 7.30 pm for students 14, 15 years and over.

The students are taught a number of bright energetic musical theatre routines and songs, changing each term. We also do a variety of drama work; including short plays, selections of dialogue from musicals and monologues. The dance style is musical theatre-Jazz, but beginner tap is also brought into some routines. Classes are held on Monday’s, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.   

Our Wednesdays classes are for Musical Theatre students who additional learn competitive tap dancing. 6 pm class is for students under 13 years and the 7 pm class is for students 12 /13 years and over for song and team and jazz team groups.

We perform three times are year, generally in April, as part of an Entertainment section at the local competitions, in our mid-year (late June) and end of year Christmas show.
Classes have been full in 2019, so early registration for all musical theatre classes is essential as spaces are strictly limited.

6.30PM and 7.30 pm

Monday’s class

Suitable for students at Intermediate or High School. New Class added for 2021, early registration essential.

5.30PM and 6 pm

Tuesday’s and

Thursday classes

Suitable for primary school aged children, from 7 to 11 years.  A really fun class for children who love to sing, dance and act but have little or no stage experience.  Boys and girls welcome.  Only a couple of spaces available for term 4, register now to avoid disappointment. 



6.00PM & 7.00PM

Wednesday’s classes

These classes are for students who love to sing, dance and act who additionally learn competitive tap dancing. Classes will include songs and dance routines from a variety of musicals but will also have a strong advanced tap component. These items will be included in the competitions.

  • 6.00PM class under 13 years (as a guide) CURRENTLY FULL. Please email to join our waitlist.


  • 7.00PM class suitable for tap students 12/13 and over. This class is primarily an intermediate and senior level troupe class, both singing, tap and jazz.


Beauty And The Beast
Future Stars: a Musical Revival
My Fair Lady 2011
Sound Of Music