High School Musical
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Denise is Directing and Choreographing this classic, popular musical for Columba College.

“Denise, I know I speak for all of us when I say that we were having the time of our lives working towards getting this show on the road.  We are so grateful to be in such wonderful hands under your direction.  Thank you so much for all the time, energy and passion you have poured into making this a possibility for us.  As you said, the postponement was absolutely devastating, but we just need to keep our spirits high”.

Grace Johnson

Grabrielle Montez

“I have to say this show has definitely been the most enjoyable production I’ve been a part of and I’m Very grateful that you were the Director.  Been a great privilege”

Jesse Hanan

Chad Danforth

Denise, lots of tears were shed but we can only hope for postponement! I truly am so so blessed to have been a part of this show”.

Millie George

Taylor McKessie

“Thank you Denise for all the amazing work you’ve put in for the show! I’m genuinely proud and privileged to call this show my debut musical theatre performance and I owe most of this to your wise guidance.  The cast and crew are all so determined to perform our show – third time lucky, it has to happen”.

Helen Li

Kelsi Nielsen