Musical Theatre

Monday 6.30pm This class is suitable for Intermediate or High School aged students.
Tuesday 5.00pm This class is suitable for all primary school aged children from 7 years.
Wednesday 6.00pm This class is for children under the age of 12/13 years who additionally do tap competitions.
  7.00pm This class is for children 12/13 years and who additionally do tap competitions.
  8.00pm 30-minute tap extension is offered on NZAMD American 6.

All other class times are allocated for private tap, and all time slots are fully booked for 2020.


Tap & Jazz

Saturday 9.30am Pre-grade Tap beginner class for children 5-8 years.
  10.00am NZAMD American Grade One Jazz. Children 7-10 years.
  10.45am NZAMD American Jazz Grade Two. Children 7 – 10 years. Children must be 8 years old by the 31st of December 2020 to sit the exam.
  11.30am NZAMD American Jazz Grade Three. Children who are 10-13 years wanting to start Jazz classes.
  12.15pm Private Jazz time slot for those wanting to do Jazz competitions.
  12.45pm Private
  1.45pm Private
  2.45pm NZAMD American Tap level 3. This is for students who currently learn tap dancing who would like to add an American exam class to their repertoire.
  3.30pm NZAMD Grade Two Original Tap syllabus. Children who have sat grade one or are beginners aged 10 years and over.
  4.15pm Private
  4.45pm Adult tap. This class is open to any adult student with a junior level of tap skill or above. This is not suitable, however, for someone who has never tapped before.  It’s recommended that you can ‘slap and ‘shuffle’ and have some simple basic skills.